Successful Job Interview

So your CV was great and it got employers attraction, your skills and other contents of your CV granted you a Job Interview, but now what?
In this blog post, we try to explain some key points of how to handle a Job Interview.

First, you have to know each employer have different deadlines for receiving CVs, some don’t have deadlines some are, some are very strict about their deadlines some are more flexible, so don’t expect same treatment everywhere.

Once you sent your CV, don’t expect a quick call from the employer, most employers only call shortlisted candidates, means the ones they want to interview only. Waiting that call day after day could be stressful so better engage in some activities and/or apply for other positions and/or work on your skills while waiting your dream job.

The day has come and you got the call asking for you to come for interview, make sure you understand the caller and get the date and location right, do not talk about anything else other than setting a date and location for the interview. Once you got them then write them down and thank the caller.

Before interview Day
You better research the employer, see what industry they work at, who are their competitors, what are their values and read the job description, see if you fit their needs, why and how.

Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well, you need to be at your best performance once you got there. Do not stay late night, do not get drunk and get to be on time.

Take with you a hardcopy of your CV, you can use it during interview if needed.

Interview Day
Dress: Make sure you dress in a professional way, means no jeans, short skirts, too much perfumes…etc.
Google professional dress and try to dress accordingly.

Arrive early: You are not the only one who gets interviewed in that day, there probably other candidates like you so make sure you be there on time or you may miss the job for being late. Some employers won’t re-schedule the interview as it might be crucial for them to be discipline. If, due to some emergency you can’t be there on time then call them and ask for a re-schedule explaining your situation.

Make sure you arrive before 30 minutes or earlier as there might be traffic jam or similar cases.

During the interview
Introduce yourself, and act normally, try not to get stressed. You are selling your skills, they saw you as a candidate so you have something they need but this doesn’t mean showing signs of ego, it’s an interview s be normal and wait for questions.

Try to understand their questions, and if something is not clear, gently ask them to say it again. A common question is “talk about yourself” which you should be prepared for days before the interview.
While answering, try be descriptive, short and talk in a clear voice, avoid filler words like “umm..”…etc.

Finally, remember, you are there for them to ask you question and validate your CV content. They want to see if you fit their open position, do not ask questions unless they asked you so, do not talk about salary unless they asked about it, do not talk about your previous employers in a bad way, stay professional.

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