You can post your CV to your Account using following methods:

  • Importing your LinkedIn profile
    If you are not familiar with LinkedIn then we suggest you start creating a profile with them now as they are the Facebook of careers, having a profile on LinkedIn exposes you to hundreds of companies and recruiters who use that social platform for hiring and expanding their contact networks.To import your LinkedIn profile into your KodoJobs account, simply follow these steps:

    • Click on Post a CV on the navigation bar.
    • If you are already Singed In to LinkedIn then all fields will be filled with your LinkedIn data. If you are not already Signed In, then enter your LinkedIn ID in the pop up window and continue from there.
    • select proper Resume Categories.
    • Review the filled fields, modify/add as you want then click on Preview, then Submit.
  • Creating a New CV
    • Enter your Name, Email, Professional Title, Current Location of Residency, Telephone number.
    • If you want you can upload a photo of yourself, use a professional photo not social ones.
    • Select few categories that best describe your areas of skills and interest like Engineering, Sales…etc.
    • Write in details you CV in CV Content.
    • Select few skills that best describes you.
    • Add Education and experience, you can add more than one education and experience, make sure to add them starting from your latest Education and latest experience.
    • Finally upload your original CV, should be in valid formats, valid formats are pdf, doc and docx.
    • Click on Review, you can get back and edit if you want, also you can edit in future any fields.
    • Click on Submit

Now that you uploaded your CV using any of above methods, you can use them to apply for any job on KodoJobs:

  • On KodoJobs main page, click on the job you want to apply for using your online CV.
  • Once the job details page is open, click on APPLY FOR JOB
  • Enter your Name, Email and message.
  • Now select your Online CV from the list.
  • Now click on Send Application.

The employer now receives an email with a link to your online CV.

Note that once you can Apply for any job only once.
Also you can Apply for any job by using your LinkedIn profile directly:

  • On KodoJobs main page, click on the job you want to apply for using your LinkedIn profile directly.
  • Once the job details page is open, click on APPLY WITH LINKEDIN
  • Fill the information on the pop up window and click on Allow (you don’t need to do this if you already logged in to LinkedIn).
  • Review your cover letter and click on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

Now the employer receives a notification email containing your cover letter and a link to your LinkedIn profile.