A Great CV

Today, employers receive around 70 CVs for each position they announce. This means the time the employers allocates for reviewing CVs will be divided by 70 and it means you only have few minutes to impress the hiring personal.
Length of your CV and quality is very important an it affects your chances in getting shortlisted.

CV is about quality not quantity, you should be able to get the attention of the employer in a quick time and make your key strengths easy to spot and catchy.

Here are some key points that makes a CV a Great one:

Main Points
You have to make sure that main points are the first items on the CV. This includes a brief summary about your professional skills, if you have bad writing skills then try skip this part and focus on other parts.

A brief should not exceed 4 lines and better not use complex wording, rather try summarize your skills in easy and effective way.

After that include your Experience, usually Experience is the main factor that shows if you fit or not to the applied position.
If you are just starting your career and have no experience then skip to the Education part.

Education comes next to Experience, list your certification starting from the latest to the oldest. Here you can also summarize your skills by mentioning them as bullets or summarizing them in a small brief.

Other parts of CV usually includes your language and computer skills, finally include References part stating that they will be available once requested.

Now that you have your CVs contents, it’s time to format it and make sure it complies with common CV guidelines. Make sure the CV is less than 2 pages, one page is recommended. Do not include any copies of your certifications, references and other documents unless it’s been requested.

Avoid including photos, hobbies and personal info unless request.

In your CV, include a part about you contact information, usually the first part before summary and experience. In your contact info, include 1 email address that is looking professional, do not include any personal or non-proper emails.
In addition to Email, include 1 phone number that is active.

While formatting, take into consideration clear fonts and colors, try make the CV easy to read and friendly. Make sure the employer can find what they look for easily and avoid too much colors.

Remember, you are selling your skills so no begging or nonprofessional statements that can make the employer ignore your CV without even looking into your true skills.

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Also, you can use your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs on KodoJobs. LinkedIn is an important professional social website.
See here to learn how to create your online CV by creating a fresh one or by importing it from LinkedIN.

We included a list of resources which will help in creating your Great CV:

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